Best Alien/Ufo Witnesses

Welcome to the best ufo witnesses section of the site. In this area my aim is to dispel the myth that all ufo witnesses are crack-pots, nut-jobs and odd-balls.

And below I’ve got some highly credible people who’s personal stories will help me to achieve this.




Some conspiracy theorists have speculated that Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins didn’t actually go to the moon.

And while there are some definite abnormality’s in the Apollo 11 moon photos I believe they did actually go. My reason for this is simple, no one reacts like this unless they feel like they are being wrongly accused . . .

That sort of righteous anger wouldn’t spring into a guilty mans fists, but what did Buzz and the others see while they were up there?

We know they observed a ufo on the way to the moon from Buzz’s own testimony on the larry king show We saw a light moving, and we said to each other I wonder what that is?

He goes on to say Now, we know that if we were to say -Houston we got a light out the winduh it’s going along with us headin for the moon- a lot of these guys are gonna go ape you know, and and it’s really going to endanger the mission and occupy a lot of our time trying to explain what’s going on, so we very shrewdly said Houston where is the upper stage?

This was referring to a piece of the Apollo 11 rocket which breaks away once they are outside the earth’s atmosphere.

They didn’t know right away but they said we’ll check with the guys in the back room, the guys in the back room in ten minutes came back and said it’s 6000 miles away from you, well we figured that’s not what we’re looking at.

Check out the video below to see Buzz Aldrin recalling what happened (skip to 3:30 to get right to it).




Meanwhile back on earth . . . Colonel Corso is the man who was given the job inside the pentagons foreign technology division, of taking technology gleaned from the 1947 Roswell ufo crash and infusing it into american industry over time, before being put in charge of this he had a very exemplary and engaging military career which I’ll briefly go over so we get an idea about this witnesses character.

Philip Corso joined the united states army in 1942 where he served in army intelligence in Europe, eventually he became chief of the US counter intelligence corps in Italy. In 1945 he arranged for the safe travel of 10,000 Jewish World War 2 refugees out of Rome to Palestine.

At the end of World War 2 he was involved in operation paper-clip, which removed German scientists from war torn Germany and set them up in the USA where they continued their research and ultimately designed the rockets which took Buzz Aldrin and Co to the moon.

But it was in 1961 when Colonel Corso was appointed chief of the army’s foreign technology division that things took a turn towards the very interesting, he worked in research and development translating classified weapon design plans into defence contracts.

One particular day a file cabinet was wheeled into his office and he was asked to examine the contents, Corso was advised the contents were not “run of the mill foreign stuff”.

It was also advised that he should research the Roswell ufo case file as it related to the contents of the file cabinet he had just received, among the items and files in the cabinet were a tangle of wires and a dull greyish silvery foil which returned (uncreased) to it’s original shape if you folded or crushed it up.

Colonel Corso also made this statement on a live radio interview in 1997 while talking to Art Bell.


Art Bell –  ”I guess before this point you had never laid hands on anything extraterrestrial, probably hadn’t seen a Ufo or anything else, in other words you were not any sort of Ufologist?


Colonel Corso –  ”I saw a body at Fort Riley Kansas, but I put that out of my mind until I could corroborate the information, like you do in intelligence, and prove it. And later I had some experiences that happened where my radars were picking up objects at White Sands where I commanded the range battalion, they travelled 3 or 4 thousand miles an hour.


Art Bell –  ”I guess that we better back up then if you saw a body at Fort Riley Texas. . .


Colonel Corso –  ”Kansas, it was in Kansas.


Art Bell –  ”Kansas I’m sorry, Kansas, tell the audience that story


Colonel Corso –  ”Well, what it was I was appointed one night post duty officer and a master sergeant I knew well told me there was sensitive cargo in the veterinary area, and these five, I think it was five, yes, there was five boxes there that looked like caskets and I went on into the room, because I was security officer I had to inspect what they told me was sensitive cargo there, it come by truck.


Art Bell –  ”Was it in transit?


Colonel Corso –  ”It was in transit yes, now I went in and I picked up the tarp, and I saw this body, course I turned a little bit, at first I thought it was a young you know baby or something, then I got a little bit turned like you do in combat you know when something like that happens your stomach gets upset but you recover fast, I told the sergeant -sergeant get out of here because it’s a sensitive area I don’t want you in trouble, I’ll be out in a second- I put the tarp back down, now this only lasted 10 or 15 seconds.


Art Bell –  ”And what do you recall seeing? you said you saw a body Colonel?


Colonel Corso –  ”I saw an Extraterrestrial, skinny arms, skinny legs, under 5 feet, had a fairly large head, not large but compared to the body it was large and the eyes, they were slanted eyes, no nose no mouth no ears, and it was floating in some liquid and it was a grey colour, and that’s what I saw. Then I immediately dismissed it, I figured I don’t know what it is until I can corroborate it, like you do in intelligence, and later on I was able to prove what it was.


The late Colonel Philip J Corso seems like a no nonsense highly credible witness, whether he was witnessing an aliens body or a dogs, check out the video below to see him recounting this experience in an interview for Ufo TV.



Travis Walton is our first non military/government witness, but as you’ll find out this doesn’t make his story any less convincing and Travis’s experience is in fact a lot more up close and personal than our previous 2 witnesses.

Travis Walton, Mike Rogers, Ken Peterson, John Goulette, Steve Pierce, Allen Dallis and Dwayne Smith were completing work for the U.S. forest service in the forests around their home town of Snowflake in Arizona.

Because they were behind schedule the men were working long shifts from around 6 am until sunset.

On the night of November 5th, 1975, as they were all driving home in Mike Rogers truck they noticed “some lights coming through the trees, just little glimmers at first, uhm, nobody was really particularly alarmed when we first saw it because it was deer hunting season and you know, occasionally we’ll see hunters or campers out, but the closer we got the stranger it seemed because it was coming from above where I figured the top of the ridge would be.

When Travis, Mike and the other guys arrived at a break in the tree line they saw the UFO clearly hovering less than a hundred feet away from their truck. Travis himself recalls it as being “just unmistakable” and Allen Dallis shouted “It’s a flying saucer!

Without much forethought and probably to much excited enthusiasm Travis jumped out of the truck and made his way towards the UFO, the other guys were yelling at him to get back in the truck, what happened next was both terrifying and amazing, but I’ll let Travis tell you himself.

Click Play below to hear Travis recalling these events.



Phil Schnieder’s story and death take us into the more sinister area of this subject and I’m 100% confident that not all of you who read his story will believe it, but lets look at it anyway and you can decide what to make of it.

Phill was born in the Bethesda navy hospital in 1947, his father was a navy captain who worked on nuclear medicine, designing the first nuclear submarines and also on operation crossroads which tested nuclear weapons on Bikini Island in the Pacific ocean. Phill also stated that his father worked on the Philadelphia Experiment, which is a very strange story in itself.

From 1994 to 1996 when he was found dead in his apartment by his friend Al Pratt, Phill had been on a lecture tour in which he spoke in detail about his work for the government, designing and constructing underground military bases at area 51, S4 and Los Alamos but most prominently at Dulce New Mexico where he said he was one of only three survivors of a violent encounter between human underground construction engineers like himself and Alien Greys.

Phill told audiences on his lecture tour that “the public basically has been totally lied to, we’re considered stupid or even moronic in some cases, and it’s got to stop.

In reference to the Dulce/Alien Grey incident in which he lost 2 fingers on his left hand (see video) Phill explains that “now, I was involved in something very controversial, almost totally unbelievable to most of you. During this unbelievable part I was involved in building another base onto and inside of dulce new mexico, which is los Alamos laboratory, it’s a biological laboratory, it’s in the south west part of the archuleta mesa, uh we built an underground facility better part of 3 cubic miles hollowed out underground.

Tunnelling  Machine

Phill continues “Then to the south west of that we built, we were in the process of building or drilling 4 large tunnel like holes, some of them ran 2 and 1/2 miles under the surface, we had drilled our holes right on top of their (greys) internal bases, all the stinkin air all the black sooty air came right out as soon as the first hole was sunk and all this soot came up and that’s when all the hell broke loose really, all started, anyway after we’d drilled all four holes, took about 2 days to drill all four of them, and when you build an underground base you drill four basic holes then you build cross member holes across and you use blasting equipment, special blasting equipment suited to the rock formation, and you literally blast out or tunnel out or melt rock out to build the large rooms that are required for these underground bases.

He goes onto say “Well in the process I was lowered down the basket of one of these holes, and about 15 feet from me there was a 7 foot tall alien grey, the stench was worse than the worse garbage can you can imagine, uh the person or the entity was absolutely horrible, I didn’t waste any time I reached for my pistol, at that time I was an engineer I didn’t have time to carry one of these big sub machine guns you saw all the outer perimeter and inner perimeter security people carrying, I carried a pistol with a 9 shot clip, this was in late august of 1979, now you got a regular suit of clothes plus your in a, almost like a space suit type thing and your reaching for a gun, it’s not the easiest thing to do, and then to pop a clip in it and start shooting, and I killed two of them, yes they’re mortal and they do die.

However in the process one of them did this, all I remember is that he kinda waved his hand in front of his chest and the next thing I know this blue beam hit me and literally opened me up like a fish, burnt my fingers right offa me and it was some kind of electrical force because the, kinda like being hit by a lightning bolt, burned all my toe nails offa me and completely crispy crittered my left foot, burnt the shoe right offa me, uhm all I remember is the smoking remains and I’m laying almost, I’m still concious but in and out of it, didn’t remember much.

And there was a green beret who was right behind me that risked his life, in fact he died, but he risked his life, he shoved me back in the basket and hit the button and took me up, I wouldn’t be alive talking to you today if it wasn’t for him so I’m forever indebted.

Of course this type of testimony is very hard to believe unless you were actually down that sooty dark tunnel yourself with Phill Schnieder, but if he was just creating tall tales on his lecture tour why when his friend discovered Phill’s body did he have a rubber hose wrapped 3 times around his neck?

And according to Phill himself he had already survived over 10 attempts on his life, which started when he begun speaking publicly about his experiences.

Check out the Video below and decide for yourself.



Tony Dodd was a policeman in the North Yorkshire area for 25 years, and on one cold December morning in 1978 he had his first encounter with a UFO. Tony and another police officer, Alan Dale, were driving along a small road on the bleak Cononley Moor.

It was almost pitch black and all that Tony and Alan could see from their car was the road ahead which the headlights illuminated, it was also very quiet apart from an occasional radio message now and again.

As their patrol car approached a curve in the road the police radio began to emit loud, hissing static, and both men noticed a bright white light in the sky which seemed to be gliding down towards them.

At first Tony and Alan thought it was a crashing, burning aeroplane so they quickly pulled to a stop at the side of the road, however as the craft got closer and clearer they both quickly realised that it wasn’t a crashing plane and both policemen were transfixed by the bright, glowing disc which passed over their car at about 40 miles per hour.

Tony himself described it as “absolutely stunning to see, it was a huge disc, about a hundred feet in diameter, had a dome on the top of it with what appeared to be portals, darkened portals around the dome, umm it had a skirting around the underside and coloured flashing lights which were flashing on and off, almost like a neon sign effect and there was three large umm globes or balls protruding from the underside, they were spaced evenly on the underside.

This extremely memorable sighting was a catalyst for Tony and when he retired from the police force he turned his attention to investigating the UFO and alien phenomenon full time, both sightings and abduction cases, a great number of which the witnesses and abductees were extremely cautious about coming forward with their stories for fear of ridicule by neighbours, friends, relatives and work colleagues.

Sadly Tony passed away in 2009, but before he did he helped many people come to terms with their UFO related experiences, his book –Alien Investigator : Case files of britian’s leading UFO detective– is well worth a read for anyone who wants to learn more about britian’s UFO cases.

Click Play below to see Tony talking about his sighting



I realise a lot of people who end up on this site will have heard Bob Lazar’s story quite a few times, but I decided to include it anyway for two good reasons . . .

1 A lot of people haven’t heard it, especially if they’re new to the UFO subject.

2 If Its True Its Awesome!

Bob Lazar first sprung to public attention in 1989 when he was interviewed by George Knapp, during the video interview Bob had his face in shadow and went under the false name “Dennis“, in following interviews he revealed his face and true name because he believed the only way to save his life was to go public.

The name Dennis was an inside joke (albiet not a very funny one) as this was the name of his ex-employer, who phoned Bob after he went public and said “do you have any idea what we’re going to do to you now?” Bob replied he didn’t and Dennis or Dennis’s threatener hung up.

So why was Bob Lazar in fear for his life in the first place? according to his own testimony he was hired by the government to work at their top secret facility S4, close to the now infamous Area 51. Bob’s duties were to mainly involve back engineering an off world, extremly advanced flying machine the united sates military had “obtained“. As Bob worked on and examined this machine which he describes as looking like a textbook UFO he begun to realise that it couldn’t be man made. . .

Click Play below to hear Bob’s account